World Scent Day

World Scent Day is a “day of action” that has been celebrated annually on June 27 since 2013 and originated in the DACH region.

Smells play an important role in our lives, as they influence our subconscious more strongly than images or sounds. Therefore, the sense of smell is also closely related to our mood and influences our general well-being. Smells remind us of places, situations, and even people.
Who doesn’t know them: smells that suddenly take you back to childhood (also called the Proust effect).


This World Perfume Day has been celebrated since 2013: Initiator is Matti Niebelschütz, owner of the fragrance company MyParfum, who wants to raise awareness in the world of fragrances with the actions of the day. 2

Even though this day of action is not an official UN day but a marketing stunt, the fact that smells influence our lives is nothing new. Even in ancient times, people burned herbs and wood and used the smell to worship their gods. The profession of perfumer, known for its distillation from the East in the Middle Ages and during the Crusades, evolved over time. Fragrances were also used at the time to slow the spread of pathogens. In modern times, perfume was enjoyed mainly by the nobility, but gradually luxury goods were also used by the middle classes. What was once considered a luxury and noble item is now available in drugstores in all price ranges.

Regional tradition

Promotion days are used primarily by perfumeries for marketing and advertising purposes. Special offers and events are designed to attract consumers.

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