About Knisterwelt

The Knisterwelt was the result of the fusion of three family businesses. One time, we decided to make our common passion our profession. As a consequence, we have joined together professionally and privately. We think that scents are especially connected with our feelings and can therefore positively influence our life situations. Therefore we are of the opinion that these fragrances should be used consciously and well-considered. In our families smoking still belongs to a common and good tradition, which we like to preserve and cultivate.

Sustainability and transparency

We prefer to process regional resins and herbs. The nature that surrounds us is very extensive and their native scent reminds us of our connectedness. However, we also love the scents we get from the far corners of our beautiful world. The production of these special and unique natural products has given us the ideas and the goals of Knisterwelt.

Our goal is to start where our products come from. A fair treatment of those people who give us these special natural products, should always be written in capital letters. The Knisterwelt therefore represents the beginning of an organisation that not only wants to support fair trade, but also wants to build up and support this process positively at its roots. In order to achieve this goal, we started to tackle the problem ourselve. We don’t want to hide behind less quality seals and we would like to publish our knowledge for you on the adviser page of our webshop.

If you think that we are not on the wrong track with our attitude, you are welcome to contact us with ideas or to help us. Even a small donation often helps us to reach our social goals faster.

Until then, we wish you a beautiful warm day.
Your Knisterwelt