Questions & Answers

Generally important?

When burning incense substances, you should always make sure that there is no possibility of a fire. Make sure that the charcoal, the candle, the incense stick or any other material, even if it is forgotten while burning, cannot cause a fire. At least one glass of water should always be at hand.

Further the incense should not be put too early on the coal. Wait until a grey layer of ash has formed on the charcoal.

If you keep these two rules, nothing stands in the way of a pleasant burning.

Why are we burning incense substances?

There are a lot of reasons for burning incense substances. We humans have probably been burning since we discovered fire. Therefore, burning is such an old tradition that it would probably fill an entire book. To the most well-known reasons rank today:

  • as part of a prayer
  • for the protection of evil and bad spirits
  • the worship of gods and sacrifices
  • for the cleaning of places (Spiritually and also to drive away insects)
  • to make food more durable (and delicious).
  • during meditation
  • and of course a variety of reasons resulting from the smoked substances.

The right time for burning incense substances?

First and foremost, your desire and well-being determine when the right time for burning is. Trust in your feelings.

Good occasions are for example the Twelfth Night, solstice celebrations, moon phases, days and seasons as well as life successes or simply daily relaxation rituals or meditations.

Is burning incense substances health-promoting?

Yes, for example, burned sage or eucalyptus has an antiseptic effect on the body. Other incense substances also have health-promoting properties. Burning substances can also activate the body’s own healing powers, but this characteristic varies from person to person.

Burning incense substances during pregnancy?

There are incense substances that should be avoided during pregnancy. An expert should always be asked about the ingredients. However, other incense substances can be very pleasant. If you are not sure, however, you should avoid burning incense substances in order not to take any risks.

Do all incense substances smell good?

Smells are perceived subjectively, what is one’s favourite smell is not necessarily pleasant for the other. There are also some incense substances that only develop the right aroma in a mixed form. So this question can be answered with No.

How are incense substances stored correctly?

Most incense substances should be stored in dry, airtight containers and protected from light.

How are coarse incense substances burned properly?

Coarse incense substances should be reduced in size or ground before burning in order to develop their full aroma. A mortar is often used as a crushing tool, but a mill can also be used to crush herbs and wood.

Air after burning incense substances?

As good as the scents smell, sufficient oxygen supply should be ensured. The key is that when people are in the room, it should be ventilated at least once (depending on how the people feel and the outside temperature). It is a good idea to ventilate before burning incense substances as the fresh air is much better suited for burning.