Wedding incense set

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The Wedding incense set of Knisterwelt enchants your most beautiful day with breathtaking scents. For each location, whether registry office, church, table, etc. a selected aroma is available. A special incense mixture was selected for the wedding night. Let us surprise you.

In addition there is a smoking stick holder made of soapstone. Incense sticks are included in the set for quick burning on the go. It is packed in a high-quality wooden chest and also contains an incense guide.

A high-quality set that makes your most beautiful day even more beautiful.

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Activation, Clarity, Courage, Ease, Endurance, Enjoyment of life, Libido, Luck, New beginning, Prosperity, Protection, Reconciliation, Satisfaction, Strengthening, Thoughts clarification


Aromatic, Cinnamon, Exotic, Flowery, Fresh, Fruity, Healthy, Herbaceous, Honey, Lime, Musk, Neutral, Resinous, Spicy, Strongly, Sweet, Woody, Wormwood


Activating – Stimulating, Aphrodisiac, Harmonizing, Healthy, Mood Brightening, Promote clear thinking, Sensual, Sleep-promoting, Strengthening


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Out of stock

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