Starter Set Premium

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The Starter Set Premium from Knisterwelt contains everything you need to get started in the world of fragrances. Whether with teapot, directly on charcoal or for energetic burning out, it contains all necessary components. 8 high quality smoking mixtures á 50 ml. a burning vessel made of soapstone, 10 x burning charcoal, 2 ointment sticks, burning bowl & burning sand. It is packed in a high-quality wooden chest and also contains a burning guide.

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Activation, Cleaning, Enjoyment of life, Good sleep, Insects stop, Relaxation, Release blockages


Aromatic, Herbaceous, Resinous, Sage, Woody


Activating – Stimulating, Anxiolytic, Harmonizing, Mood Brightening, Reassuring, Reduces stress, Sleep-promoting


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Out of stock

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Starter Set Premium

The complete set includes everything you need to start burning incense herbs and woods. But it is also ideal for the professionals, as it contains ingredients for almost all areas. Possible applications are among other things:

  • Relax & sleep well
  • Erotic & Aphrodisiac
  • Insects Stop
  • Cleaning
  • Protection
  • Grounding & Serenity
  • Energy
  • Release

The Knisterwelt’s focus when selecting resins, herbs and woods is on quality, therefore much comes from controlled organic cultivation to avoid harmful ingredients. Packaging is also important to us. The shapely wooden chest can be reused just as easily as the PFTE tins or resealable bags. No disposable packaging!

The price advantage compared to the single purchase is more than 30%.

The Starter Set Premium includes:

  • Shapely wooden chest
  • Burning vessel made of soapstone with stainless steel sieve, cleaning brush and tongs
  • 8 x burning mixtures 50 ml to the topics: eroticism, cleaning, protection, grounding, relaxation, insects stop, let go, energy
  • 2 sage sticks á 25 g
  • Smoked charcoal 10 tablets 3,3 cm
  • Burning sand
  • A guide


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