“Knister Time” – the incense advent calendar

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“Knister Time” – the incense advent calendar is a special gift for the Christmas season! The surprise is not the opening of a “door”, but the perception of the scent and what it triggers in us.

The 24 resins, herbs and blends have been carefully selected to bring the energetic qualities of Advent and the raun nights into your home.

Everybody can deal individually with the scent impressions, every Advent day has its own scent surprise ready for you, its own individual feelings & sensory impressions.

A special mixture awaits you on Christmas Day, 24 December.
On the inside of the lid of the wooden box the mixtures, resins and herbs are described in more detail.

A free smoking guide is included in the set.

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Activation, Ceremonies, Clarity, Cleaning, Concentration, Courage, Ease, Enjoyment of life, Good sleep, Incense replacement, Insects stop, Lack of appetite, Libido, Luck, Meditation, Mixtures, New beginning, Perfuming, Positive thinking, Prosperity, Protection, Reconciliation, Relaxation, Release blockages, Satisfaction, Solstice celebration, Strengthen the immune system, Strengthening, Stress, Thoughts clarification, Twelfth Night, Unrest


Almond, Apple, Aromatic, Bitter, Chocolaty, Cinnamon, Cloves, Curry, Earthy, Eucalyptus, Exotic, Flowery, Fresh, Fruity, Healthy, Herbaceous, Honey, Incense, Lavender, Lime, Mossy, Musk, Neutral, Nutty, Resinous, Sage, Spicy, Strongly, Sweet, Tart, Woody, Wormwood


Activating – Stimulating, Antidepressant, Anxiolytic, Aphrodisiac, Appetizing, Cleaning, Grounding, Harmonizing, Healthy, Improving concentration, Liberating, Mood Brightening, Promote clear thinking, Promote creativity, Protective, Reassuring, Reduces stress, Reinforcing scent, Relaxing, Sensual, Sleep-promoting, Strengthening, Suppressing appetite


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