Incense sticks or incense mixture

The scent of aromatic smoke can cause a certain mood and effect depending on the substance.

There is a wide range of incense mixtures and incense sticks and beginners often do not know which form of smoking is right for them. Whether incense sticks or incense mixture, both have its advantages.

Incense sticks

Incense sticks are incense that is crushed and applied or pressed around wooden sticks. The substances used differ depending on the type you choose. This can range from woods, herbs and resins to essential oils.

Incense sticks have the advantage of a simple and fast application. The sticks can be fixed in a simple holder and then ignited. Therefore not much accessories are needed to start smoking. Incense sticks are therefore excellent for beginners and people with less experience in incense.

Further one has here the choice between incense sticks and incense spirals. The only difference is the shape and type of holder you should use.

However one should pay attention to the quality when buying incense sticks. Cheaper sticks can contain synthetic fragrances and preservatives. Thus, these cheap variants contain the added value of a scented candle.

For qualitatively high-quality incense sticks excluding genuine incense materials, like herbs, woods and resins, as well as ethereal oils are used. These cost somewhat more, however they bring also the advantage and the healing effect of the contained smoking materials with themselves.

Therefore one should pay attention with incense sticks exactly to price and contents materials.

Incense mixtures

Smoking mixtures consist of loose herbs, woods and resins which can be used for traditional burning incense at house, flat and the yard. A great advantage of these is that you do not necessarily have to rely on prepared mixtures, but can put together the desired herbs and resins yourself if necessary.

For smoking beginners, there are ready-made mixtures, which can be selected depending upon tendency and effect.

The burning with incense mixtures needs somewhat more expenditure and accessories, than with an incense stick. However, this is not necessarily a disadvantage. Many people welcome the ritual aspect. One takes oneself time, in order to prepare smoking consciously.

Above all for the traditional smoking in the Twelfth Night primarily smoking mixtures are used, instead of incense sticks. Especially the incense (Incense india, Incense sudan or Olibanum Incense Eritrea) is a popular incense in this time.

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