Incense Cone Surprise Package


The Incense Cone Surprise Package is a special little gift for suprising employees or customers or members of the family. It is available in 3 sizes, with S with 30 M with 60 or L with 100 pcs. The incense cone are packed in a nice wooden box.

  • Incense Cone Surprise Package S 4 varieties á 40 pieces incense cones mixed.
  • Incense Cone Surprise Package M 6 varieties á 60 pieces incense cones mixed.
  • Incense Cone Surprise Package L 12 sorts á 100 pieces incense cones mixed.

Additional information


Concentration, Enjoyment of life, Meditation, Relaxation, Stress, Unrest


Apple, Cinnamon, Exotic, Lemony, Mild, Musk, Spicy, Sweet


Activating – Stimulating, Anxiolytic, Harmonizing, Liberating, Reassuring, Relaxing


40 pieces, 60 pieces, 100 pieces

 7,90 15,90

incl. 20% VAT plus shipping costs
Delivery time: 2 – 4 working days
 immediately available



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