Incense christmas crib

Handmade Christmas crib made of 100% natural materials. The components were collected over the year while hiking in our native forests and mountains and processed sustainably.
This unique crib has been manufactured according to traditional methods and is therefore very stable. (Withstands even bigger shocks!)

All parts have been constructed in careful miniature work. Even on the back of the crib special attention was paid to details. Thus, the crib can be placed freely in the room.

A special feature is the bread oven of the Christmas crib. It can be filled with incense myrrh or incense cones. So your scents fills the rough nights and the Christmas season with its special fragrance.
The incense bread oven is freely movable and not connected to the crib, so it can be cleaned easily. The incense bread oven was built from safe limestone and thoroughly tested.

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